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A Life Lesson (or Two) Learned from Yoga

I am a yoga devotee and (usually) proud of it. Largely due to yoga, I have adopted an evolving awareness and acceptance of my body’s capabilities, ways to keep body and mind healthy, as well as ideas that help me get along in the world.  But that’s not to say that I have all the …

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You are a Precious Being, Worthy of Gentle Treatment and Self-Care

I am so grateful for the precious group of yogis with whom I share yoga on a regular basis, both collectively and individually.  They inspire me and lift me up in ways of which I am sure they are unaware.  Very much I am humbled by my good fortune.  Having them in my heart, the …

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Spring Class Registration Now Open

Yes, spring is in the air here in Calgary.  Now is the time to break out of the cocoon and lighten up. . . YogInsight is offering regular classes and a monthly series of Monday-evening 2-hour retreats, as well as private sessions, that may be just what you need. Spring 2016 weekly registered classes will …

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