Is YogInsight For You ?

YogInsight is a name I gave, a number of years ago, to my vision of yoga.  I realized that, while on my yoga mat, I learned astounding life lessons spontaneously. I discovered, first hand, that my body could become more fit, even when that wasn’t my primary motivation for practicing.  I also discovered that emotional intelligence was not only desirable but entirely possible to learn. And the spiritual nature of experience made itself known to me. Over time I was convinced that I was being asked to share this phenomenal toolbox with others.

If yoga at the gyms and studios is daunting to you physically or emotionally, if you are moving back into a more active lifestyle, if you are looking for relief from pain, if you want more flexibility, strength, endurance, balance or range of movement, if you desire improved respiration, heart and muscle function, immunity, sleep or coordination, if you need release from stress, anxiety, depression or trauma, if you are searching for meaning, a sense of well-being or a connection with others, I invite you to consider working with me. Rest assured that I have your back and that I have years of training and experience at my disposal. Together we can remove the obstacles that stand in the way of surviving and thriving!

I believe that the yoga mat is a laboratory for life. On the mat we have a sanctuary where we can develop the skills and attitudes that serve us in the “real world,” or, as one of my esteemed teachers calls it, the marketplace.

I will be your partner in the yoga experience. I believe that you are unique and that, even if I could walk a mile in your shoes, I will never be able to walk your whole life in your shoes. I believe that you are doing the best that you can, given all the preconditions and factors that have and are playing themselves out in your life. I also know that the truth of our wholeness can be hidden from us and that we are in deep need of connection with others.

I expect that you may want to know why I am inviting you to take part in various postures, breathing practices, or lifestyle modifications, for example. And in individual yoga therapy, we work together to tailor the experience to your desires, needs, history and situation.

Contact me to find out more about how yoga can facilitate your quest to be at home in your own skin, wherever you go and whatever you are doing.

What some of my students have to say:

“Great class! Even though I had some experience coming in to this class, I feel I learned a lot!”

“Class was great. I’ll repeat this class because I like the teacher, her explanation. Thanks”

“Really enjoyed the class and am now encompassing yoga into my lifestyle.”

“Lonnie is an excellent instructor. I’ve learned a great deal from her and practice what I’ve learned at every opportunity. The teachings STICK.”

“Very enjoyable class with individual attention. I look forward to taking more classes in the future!”

“Lonnie has a wonderful warm style. Great directions, even better that when I had a class a year ago.”

“Lonnie was willing and did give one-on-one instruction; also was willing to specialize for personal difficulties.”

“What a wonderful course, I really enjoyed having Lonnie as my ‘first’ instructor and her sense of humour is a delight. Can’t wait to take her next course.”

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