Weekly Class Schedule

Mindful Movement and Meditation        

April 28th, 2024 update:

Given enough interest, on-line classes will start again Tuesday morning, April 30th and Wednesday eve, May 8th until the end of May.

Please note that there is a break in the class schedule the first full week of February; this is due to a family commitment I have already made.

Click below to “register” in advance for your Zoom session. (This is not the link for the class, but rather initiates the process by which you will receive a confirmation email, which DOES include the class link).

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email that contains the link to join the class. Note that you are agreeing to the waiver included in the confirmation e-mail. Please be sure to read it.

These classes are intimate and can be somewhat interactive. You have the option to have your camera on. Classes are not recorded.

Occasionally participants or I experience technical issues with the internet, audio/visual hardware/software or Zoom software and the class is interrupted. I apologize for such situations but I don’t have a separate host or tech person assisting me to avoid or expedite such scenarios.

Class NameLocation Time Class DatesNo ClassFee
Tues AM Mindful Movement and Meditation (Click to Register) Zoom10 –
11:30 AM
Apr 30 – May 28by donation (suggested $10-$15/class but don’t let inability prevent your participation)
Wed PM Mindful Movement and Meditation (Click to Register)

Zoom7 – 8:30 PM
May 8 – May 29May 1by donation (suggested $10-$15/class but don’t let inability prevent your participation)

Classes may be cancelled, changed or postponed without notice (to insufficient interest, unforeseen circumstances, etc.)

Optional donations make these classes possible and are greatly appreciated. They may be made by cash, cheque, e-transfer, or PayPal, at a time determined by you! Please adjust based on your past experience – for instance, some of you have donated generously in advance and then were not able to attend.

Other (privately-sponsored) classes

  • Are you living with cancer (patient or caregiver) or a survivor? My classes with Wellspring Alberta: You will need to register to become a member first (free membership – people who are currently living with cancer, those who are cancer survivors, and their caregivers)

The following are offered throughout the week as well. Contact Lonnie for more information.

  • Private Yoga Therapy sessions Customized health and lifestyle coaching, seen through a yogic lens and using yogic tools such as breath, movement, meditation, ritual, self-care
  • Co-Meditation (Dyad) sessions Unpack your concerns or present-moment experience with a skilled, compassionate, and resonant facilitator who isn’t trying to judge or fix
  • Traditional Spiritual Direction sessions Nourish and enhance your relationship with and to The Great Mystery, or Higher Power
  • Reiki sessions Enjoy an hour of repose as Lonnie lays her hands on or slightly above key areas and channels high-vibrational healing energy in the Unlimited White Light Reiki tradition.

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