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David McAmmond Passes

My most influential teacher (slightly edited from original posted on Sept 30, 2021) David was my teacher from 1998, quietly there whenever I decided to practice with him. His dear friend and collaborator, Anita Sielecki, kept some of us informed as he recovered from June’s open-heart surgery for problematic valves and other issues surgeons discovered …

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Sometimes, A Path Appears

I’ve come to realize that we’re on a pathless journey. How so? Given history and environment acting on us, guided by our best sense of knowing, and hopefully accompanied by feelings of security, support and rightness, we make intentions and plans. And then some obstacle appears. Or the apparent path has shifted or disappeared altogether into foggy nothingness. We …

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Coming to Trust Your Inner Wisdom

Most people will face at least one time when everything they depend upon either falls short or is irreversibly altered. Consider for a moment the assumptions we have about institutions, social mores, job, family, beliefs, and varied personal capabilities. Is it not the case that we rely on these seemingly steadfast constructs to guide our …

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