You are a Precious Being, Worthy of Gentle Treatment and Self-Care

I am so grateful for the precious group of yogis with whom I share yoga on a regular basis, both collectively and individually.  They inspire me and lift me up in ways of which I am sure they are unaware.  Very much I am humbled by my good fortune.  Having them in my heart, the following came to me yesterday.  I am sharing because this feels like the perfect response to the situation.

white-tail-deer-1-1245316-639x503Be gentle and caring with yourself at the deepest level.

If you aren’t gentle and caring with yourself, it is likely no one else will be gentle and caring with you, either. And if you aren’t cared for, you will not be at your best to carry out your life’s work or to care for others.

Remember, the world is a beautiful place full of love and nourishment. It is us and we are it!

But everywhere we look is disease, natural disaster, hatred, jealousy, fear. These overwhelm our ability to see the life-affirming nature of things and sadly, we tend to react in kind.

Increasingly, science is uncovering evidence of our genetic bias toward negativity. Some of us received a double-dose of the survival instinct due to what we or our ancestors faced earlier in history. The more we have this tendency, the more we need to emphasize positivity for it to even have a chance of being part of our experience.

Caring for ourselves, we honour the precious beings that we are. We grow our roots into a stable source of replenishment and begin to trust again that we will be okay, no matter what. When we are in that place of security and well-being, we can simply BE.

When we are simply “be-ing”, we flow with life. We are able to hear that wise voice or feeling inside that tells us the truth. We know the perfect response to every situation. We don’t see ourselves as separate from others.

This is how we rediscover and cultivate peace, within and without.

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