Review and “Prayer of St. Theresa” Yoga Flow

YogInsight’s three-hour, beginner-level Yoga for Your Inner Critic workshop was sponsored by Central United Church on Sunday, November 3rd.
Instead of ignoring, pushing away, passively giving into or unknowingly being a victim of the inner critic, we learned to use a variety of yogic tools to meet the saboteur or shame gremlins.
Amongst them were:  imagery, intention, breath awareness and control, posture, gesture, sound, guided relaxation, self-inquiry and self-expression.
We learned a prayerful yoga sequence set to Bobby SanJuan’s rendition of John Michael Talbot’s composition “Prayer of St. Theresa.”

The workshop was well-received.  Some of the comments were: “Awesome!” “Re: prayer/yoga – it was wonderful!  I really enjoyed and appreciated being able to do that.” “Thank you!  I found myself & released some pain – Amen!” “My very first exposure to yoga of any sort!!” “Thank you – I particularly enjoyed the ‘yoga to music’.”

Here’s a link to the YouTube video of the yoga prayer.  Please note that the intention of this flow practice is to embody prayer, not to have perfect alignment or to “get a workout,” although those might be side benefits!

Thanks to Central United Church staff, notably Spiritual Care Co-ordinator Lorraine Anderson, Pastor Michael Ward, Associate Pastor Wayne Lewry, and Administrator Colleen Robarts.  And special gratitude to yoga teacher and IRest practitioner, Claudia Frick Istvanffy for taking part and helping to hold the space for participants.

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