Yoga for a Health(ier) Heart

heartinhandA soulful group of yogis connected at Shaganappi Community during the evening of February 13.  In addition to coming together (which is beneficial to heart health as well), practicing poses, breath, mudras, mantra and meditation to heal the heart, they raised $140 for the 2014 Heart Month Campaign.  For those of you familiar with LifeForce Yoga®, you will recognized the cheer, “Very good, very good, yay”!

A major portion of the workshop was spent experiencing yoga asanas practiced according to the principles outlined by Dr. Karandikar in his book, Life Saver, and modifications of restorative yoga asanas as suggested by David McAmmond.   Here is the core of the practice according to David, although we also incorporated Iyengaresque versions of the standing poses, trikonsasana, parsvakonasana, virabhadrasana I, II, and II, bharadvajasana, and upavista konasana.

One of the mudras we explored is thought to be first aid for a heart attack.  Click here to find out how to practice it!

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Winter 2014 (Jan – Apr) Weekly Class Schedule

winter 2014 schedule imageDARING TO LIVE WHOLEHEARTEDLY

This winter we will embark daringly upon a session of fifteen weeks of yoga practice to more fully embrace our lives.

Registered Only (Drop In with Prior Approval Only)

Monday morning classes at St. Gerard are suspended until further notice. Thursday morning classes at Scarboro United are shared between Lonnie and Lois Perron and commence on January 30th.

All classes are multi-level, although focus is on mindful movement in the context of personal transformation and tends to be of a therapeutic nature.

Space is limited and classes are almost fully subscribed. Please contact Lonnie to reserve your spot you be placed on a waiting list.

For pricing and specific dates, contact Lonnie or see Registration Form.

ALSO AVAILABLE: Private and semi-private classes, spiritual direction, and healing energy Reiki treatments.

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St. Gerard Yoga News


smallagnes St. Gerard Church (8944 Elbow Dr SW Calgary AB) has hosted yoga, taught from a quietly Christian point of view by Lonnie and Lois Perron, on Monday mornings from 9:30 – 10:45.

This class currently is suspended. PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHETHER YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ATTENDING A CLASS AT ST. GERARD, as we may be able to resurrect the offering if interest is sufficient.


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