Upcoming Mini-Workshops

*Monday, June 24th or Tuesday, June 25th

HURRY – don’t delay!

Black Strap / Spinal Strip for Awareness, Release, and Posture

Use a black strablack strapp / spinal strip for awareness, release, and posture, achieving results that are difficult to obtain in other ways!

The black strap / spinal strip is a yoga prop developed by Dutch yogi Gert Van Leeuwen and has intriguing applications across several aspects of the physiology and psyche.  Come and experience a good sampling of the various ways this prop can be used to improve your life!

THIS Monday from 7 – 9
THIS Tuesday from 11 – 1
Cost:  $25

*Tuesday, July 2nd 11AM – 1PM

Yoga to Deal with the Inner Critic
Cost:  $25

*Monday, July 8th or Tuesday July 9th
The Power of LifeForce® Yoga Chakra Clearing Meditation
(very helpful in quietening the mind, settling OCD symptoms, and helping with sleep problems related to busy thoughts)
Monday from 7 – 9
Tuesday from 11 – 1
Cost:  $25

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