UPCOMING: Living Your Wholeness Mini Workshop


Couldn’t take six days off work, leave the family behind or afford a $1400 stay in beltline Calgary?  Didn’t register in time to take part in a sold-out world-class retreat?

Hot off a six-day residential retreat with internationally-renowned yoga therapist, Richard Miller, I will offer highlights of my experience to students in this two-hour mini-workshop.tree with sun

What will the workshop be like?  Because I have not participated in the retreat yet, I cannot say for sure.  But based on my previous experience with iRest (short for Integrative Restoration, the body of work that Dr. Miller has developed), I can say that it will be gentle and self-reflective.

Here’s the description of the retreat:

Daily life challenges us to live the Noble Adventure, the absolute vow to be fully alive, authentic, actualized and enlightened in our every interaction with ourselves and each other.

Practices of breath- and body-sensing yoga, meditation, concentration, mindfulness and self-inquiry support the realization of the fundamental truth of who we are and our authentic response to life as it is. Take these practices for a test drive during retreat and experience how they can enlighten your life.

“Richard’s teachings are like being handed a “hot fudge sundae with whipped cream, nuts and a cherry—slowly enjoying every spoonful and finding God at the bottom of the bowl”  —Michael Fraser

I am full of gratitude for being able to participate in this Yoga Association of Alberta offering and would like to be able to share it.  Here are the details:

7 – 9 PM

Thursday, October 30th

Shaganappi Community

Cost $20

Space is limited to 10 participants.  Register by Sunday, October 26th to hold your space!