Calling caring, reflective, conscientious, environmentally-conscious

 overseers and caregivers of all sorts!


Balance your Energy and Mood and

Build Your Toolbox

of Simple and Easy-to-Use

Joy-Revealing Strategies
in one Sunday!

I know you’ve been challenged by one or more of these for a long time:

  • Anxious about your job or a family member in crisis
  • Overwhelmed by everything you are expected to do
  • Submerged by pain
  • Struggling to muster the motivation to do the things you would like to do
  • Deprived of a good night’s rest
  • Wonder what your purpose is
  • Feeling unappreciated
  • Have this sinking feeling that you’re running out of time
  • Cannot let down your guard
  • Hindered by poor physical health

You CAN do something to take charge of your energy and mental state! It’s not all out of your hands!

But maybe you don’t know what, exactly, to do

Or how to get started

Or your faith in yourself is iffy.

Perhaps you have tried, but working harder the same way has exhausted your reserves. Willpower and positive thinking have only taken you so far.  Maybe you have used work or food or booze or pills or unwholesome relationships to fill the emptiness or to numb your feeling of powerlessness or pain. The counselor or psychologist or spa or massage therapist may work while you’re with them, but the effect is fleeting when you’re on your own. You may sense that you’re on the right track but doubt whether what you are doing is going to sustain you in the long term.

Or maybe you have successfully found ways to stay on an even keel and be hopeful, peaceful and happy, but want to add some highly-effective, evidence-based strategies to your repertoire.

Or you never even thought about it much before, but now just seems like a good time.

You’re in luck!
I used to struggle in my life to shake off overwhelm, anxiety, resentment, depression, and even profound loneliness and a feeling that my life was without meaning.  (After all, probably like you, I have faced many difficulties and losses in my lifetime.)  But once I truly incorporated a time-honoured system of embodied self-awareness and development practices into my life – that is, using yogic ideas to overcome obstacles and support my strengths and good intentions  – my life truly transformed.

In the process I have been honoured to help a multitude of people use yoga in a therapeutic way to strengthen their bodies and minds to move forward in life, and I’ve more recently had the opportunity to acquire world-class, dedicated training in evidenced-based yoga for mood management to help people reveal the brilliance that lies beneath the dull heaviness of social roles, expectations, beliefs and facades.

I know what works. There’s nothing I love more than feeling empowered. And I am downright passionate about helping other passionate people strengthen themselves to live life wholeheartedly.

And so, finally, this beautiful thing that’s been brewing has come together in the form of…

Strengthen the Container:

A Yoga-Based Workshop to Cultivate Inner Strength For All You Were Meant to do in Life

 And the good news?…


YOU’RE invited!

Imagine this:

– Your initial reaction to bad news (like a company lay-off or poor economic forecast) is NOT one of dread BUT of EXCITEMENT and CONFIDENCE that you can handle what comes.

– You discover that pain is not all-consuming and you actually feel enjoyment and pleasure frequently during the day.

– Your life is full and meaningful despite your offspring (child or adult) throwing his or her life away on an iffy relationship, nowhere career path, or some other risky behavior.

– You head to bed at a reasonable time cheerfully knowing that you will get plenty of healthy rest.

– You courageously reveal your considerable talent because you feel empowered to handle obstacles that may present themselves.

– Life magically presents many tenable solutions to removing every hindrance or overcoming all obstacles standing in the way of your happiness.

– You blissfully discover that you easily can do things that improve your health on many levels
All of these are possible for you when you know how to STRENGTHEN YOUR CONTAINER.

And honestly?

Empowering yourself doesn’t have to be hard!

YOU can learn the essential components and use them to cultivate unshakable self-confidence and embody a new hopefulness about your life.

Or… you can keep spending week after week, month after month, struggling to find answers, not really doing too much and hoping and praying that something will change for you.

If you choose to learn how to do it now, I will share with you everything I know, in a structured, non-overwhelming way, so you don’t have to figure it all out on your own and go around in circles the way I did.

Seriously. Think about it.

Your own coping and empowerment strategies, experienced, ready, and chosen to incorporate into your life.

I will take you by the hand and walk you step-by-step through everything you need to get your surviving and thriving plan created in just 1 day.

You’ll go home with your experience, information, and strategy map for using the tools to survive and thrive – to have clearer vision, feel more hopeful, capable and connected, empowered to make the best of what life has to offer!


“Really? How can you really promise I’ll have a plan to turn my life around in 1 day?  How do I know this will work?”

It’s true. I might not know you. And I don’t know what you bring to the table. But I’ve used this material a lot, and I can promise that if you do the minimal prep work, play full out at the workshop, and take my guidance along the way, you will go home with a plan and a number of accessible and appropriate tools to once again approach life with vision, hope, ability, connectedness, and empowerment.

“I’m not inspired at all. How on earth will this work for me?”

Take a deep breath, Darlin’. Ok. Another one. I’m breathing with you because I know how scary this can be. What I know is that for most people the hard thing about the life is just feeling so darn overwhelmed by it all. We will help you with that! I’ll lay out your options in simple terms each step of the way, and make solid, clear recommendations for you. Then, it’s just a matter of breathing deep, focusing, and following simple instructions. See? You’re already breathing, so you got a head start. I’ve taken lots of people through this before who didn’t think they had a prayer, and they did great. I know you can do this.

“It’s hard for me to free up a Sunday. Should I come?”

I’m a little biased. But, YES! If you’re ready to finally do it, get yourself over here. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spent money, traveled, and really gone out of my way to learn and implement new things in my life. I’ve come to trust that when I feel “the buzz,” there’s always something good there for me, and it’s worth it to follow through. [My guess is that if you’ve read this far, you’ve got some buzz of your own going on right about now.] Taking these leaps is how I’ve knocked myself out of the hell of only sort of living but being comfortable in my considerable unhappiness, and never feeling really free. This is an investment, not an expense.

What you will do in this day will serve you for the rest of your life.

You’re going to get off the merry-go-round of trying to figure things out, and get into action.

You’re going to be so confident because you did what you set out to do, and you are a survivor and thriver.

You will go home clear about what to do and knowing that you’re spending your time doing the right things to get you where you want to be.

It’s going to free up so much energy to stop second-guessing yourself, and know in your bones that what you’re doing is living whole-heartedly and positively affecting everyone with who you come in contact!

You’ll go to sleep each night knowing that you are exactly where you are meant to be, AND have the attitude and tools to face whatever life throws at you, too. People, hobbies, vacations, outings, classes… when you strengthen your container, you can enjoy all of these fully – guilt-free.

Ready to jump in?

September 29, 2013

See that rustic, quaint log building? That’s where we’ll be strengthening our containers. Shaganappi Community Centre  (2516 14 Ave. SW Calgary).

Shaganappi Community Centre

Shaganappi Community Centre

The investment to be held in a safe container while you are coached to build your personal toolbox of strategies for strengthening you container is only $75. Such a steal… especially given what you stand to gain! AND… if you participated before and you want to refresh your memory, you have the opportunity to sign up while space allows for only $37.50.


 checkmark Yes, Lonnie! I’m ready to finally empower myself!I’ll be attending the 1-day Strengthen Your Container Workshop so I can turn my energy around and start taking my own life into my own hands, be at home in more situations, and living the life of my dreams!






Are You Coming?



p.s. Pay attention if you have an inkling this might be for you. If you’ve gotten this far on this page it means something important. I encourage you to GO FOR IT! You have nothing to lose and SO MUCH to gain.
Go ahead! SIGN UP NOW.  Either pay above, or email me and I will let you know the payment options, and get your participant Information form to you PRONTO!

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