Sometimes, A Path Appears

Grande Allee

I’ve come to realize that we’re on a pathless journey.

How so?

Given history and environment acting on us, guided by our best sense of knowing, and hopefully accompanied by feelings of security, support and rightness, we make intentions and plans.

And then some obstacle appears. Or the apparent path has shifted or disappeared altogether into foggy nothingness. We can look about for sure answers, authority outside ourselves, Eventually we face a situation when all of that falls apart.

I find myself again and again best served by grounding into the present moment while reconnecting with Source that permeates and surrounds this congealed energy I call “me”. In fact, I find each moment beckons me to recognize all as embodied, divinely-dancing Mystery.

The journey doesn’t have a predetermined path. Knowingly or unknowingly, we participate in the great unfolding moment by moment. Our part is to attune to all that is and make harmonious choice right here, right now. 

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