Lonnie Manifesto

I am passionate about empowering people who ask for my help to approach life with a courageous agility, replete with a life view and a repertoire of supportive strategies and tools from which they can draw. Well into my second half-century of life, I can confidently say that this is the mission around which my entire life has revolved.

My philosophy is that life is a messy proposition and that there is no one way to rein it in. I believe that you are here to live life fully alongside others with whom you are in relationship, but that you generally are not capable of doing this in a neat or predictable fashion all the way through. You are born with relative strengths and deficits. Sometimes the very deficits become the gifts, and the reverse also is true.

Life events are lessons; generally they are presented to you in the way of praise and blame, gain and loss, pleasure and pain, and fame and disrepute. You cannot avoid these, and you are no more or no less when you experience any of them. What is important is how you act when they present themselves. I also agree with Einstein that there are two ways to live your life: as if nothing is a miracle or as if everything is a miracle.

The yoga I want to share with you is an exploratory one. It seeks at its very core to honour the need for self-care while encouraging you to grow your edges, sometimes in unexpected ways. It is physical but it is not only, or even mainly, that. It also may be South Asian, but it is not only, or even mainly, that, either!

My meditation is a disciplined one that focuses on mindfulness, awareness of self and others, and (with grace), insight into the nature of reality. The ultimate point is to inform and subtly enhance actual living without directly trying. I believe that no one is born a good or a bad meditator. The key is for you to undertake it diligently with the desire to see more clearly.

The Reiki, or healing energy treatment, I offer you is a prayerful one. I ask to be in alignment with the greater good and then I envision myself to be a channel of life force so I can apply it to your specific requirements. In the process, I trust that you also have these intentions and I understand that benefit is directed to those areas of your body, mind and spirit most in need.

The spiritual direction that I provide is a gentle act of accompanying you on your spiritual quest to be in relationship with All That IS. I endeavor to truly hear you and to facilitate your deeper inquiry into how divinity is operating in your life. Bringing your whole person – body, emotion, reflection – into the experience is key to my approach.

My healthy-for-life coaching is a tailored-for-you sharing of what I have learned while caring for myself and others. Often I use my acquired knowledge along with natural inclination toward research as well as intuition to develop and enact a flexible plan that can be adjusted as we go along. Nutrition, exercise, lifestyle choices all can contribute or detract from your ability to live gracefully with what you are presented in life. Your body is the temple of your soul and deserves disciplined, tender, self-loving care and attention.


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