Helpful Yoga Tool for Headaches and Tension


Mahashirsha mudra is a hand, or hasta, position that has as its core quality HEADACHE RELIEF, although it can also reduce muscular tension from the entire body, especially from the neck, head and jaw, as well as generally reduce stress.  There are not many people who would not benefit from using this tool.

An affirmation, or sankalpa, thmahashirsha mudraat can be used with this mudra is My exhaling breath allows me to release stress and tension from my entire body.

Mudras are hand, face, or body gestures that promote health on the physical, psychological and spiritual levels.  Each one has its own quality.  You likely are familiar with non-verbal communicative expressions.  Mudras are amongst these but they are used consciously, and they express qualities that are difficult to communicate using language.

Listen below

for a guided meditation read by me from Joseph and Lillian LePage’s Mudras for Healing and Transformation.  I hope you find great benefit from this yogic gem!



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